Woodworking 4Home Plans and Designs for Woodworking Projects

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When you are running your homestead, whether it includes 40 acres or your urban backyard homestead, you are going to need a good set of plans and designs for projects around the home and your animals and garden. 

In most all the places we have lived, my husband and I have built barns, sheds, lots of fences, rabbit hutches, chicken houses, nesting boxes, raised beds for the garden, goat milking stands, hay feeders and countless more projects for the barnyard. 

Inside the home, we have made a pantry, shelves for the cellar (for all those beautiful jars of food!), book cases, a coffee table, wall decorations, flooring and more. 

What if you had a source for all the homesteading and home woodworking projects that you could access in one place without spending hundreds of dollars on books and magazines?   Well, the good folks at Woodworking 4Home have done just that.  Even if you are a complete beginner, the step by step plans are easy to follow and understand.

Here are just a few of the designs and plans from Woodworking 4Home that you could use for you homestead:  plans for carts, bee hives, cabin, book case, carport, birdhouse, chair, containers, drill press, fence, garden, cutting board, greenhouse, playhouse, planter, gun cabinet, lathe, kitchen projects, shed, rabbit hutch, chicken house, wind generator, farm shop and more than I can list!  I wish we had access to this when we started our homestead years ago!

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How to Breed Rabbits for Meat, Profit and Fun

©2010 Shanna Ohmes
For beginners in homesteading, chickens and rabbits are the easiest and most economical animals to raise while you are learning how to become more self-reliant. In World War II they were the main sources of protein for many urban areas when many foods were rationed. They are easy to keep in the backyard and make little to no noise. Most of the time, your neighbors won’t even be aware that you have rabbits!

Rabbits are prolific breeders, ensuring a year round source of meat for your freezer and canner! We raised rabbits for a number of years, freezing the meat, canning stews and learning how to tan the hides. Their manure can be put straight into the garden for enriching the soil. We raised rabbits both in hutches and on the ground. Both methods were great ways of raising rabbits and they were easy keepers. 

Raising chickens and rabbits is one of the best ways to teach your children where their food comes from. They can help in the selection of breeding stock, the daily care and responsibility of keeping animals, help in processing and preparing the meat and helping you in the kitchen preparing wonderful recipes. They will learn an appreciation for where their food comes from, something that is lacking in our modern society today. 

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